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Technical Advisory: DTM/Launch in China




Technical Advisory: To All DTM/Launch Customers Serving Libraries inside Mainland China


Notification of Service Change

Earlier this year, there was a degradation in the performance of our service in Mainland China affecting the domain adobedtm.com. To address the performance issues and comply with new regulations, Adobe has created an entirely new domain (adoberesources.cn). The Adobe Launch product and engineering teams are working on providing new environment embed codes using this domain within the product for those customers wishing to host inside mainland China and still leverage an Adobe Hosted option.  DTM will not be retrofitted with this capability so migration to Launch will be a prerequisite.  


Customer Impact

Customers who use the “Managed By Adobe” host in Launch, or the Akamai embed option in DTM, have their libraries hosted on the adobedtm.com domain. This domain only accesses servers from outside of China.  Assets from this domain will still be served and downloaded by browsers and client devices in China but will likely see additional latency because the content and network requests must travel further and across addition firewalls to reach their destination. 


Immediate Mitigation

The recommended mitigation to this situation is to choose the “Self-Managed” or "Self-Hosted" option within DTM or Launch and deliver the library to a hosting provider of your choice under a custom domain.


Long-term Mitigation

For those customers who wish to leverage the Adobe hosted option inside China, Adobe Launch product and engineering teams are working on providing a new environment embed codes for the new domain. We hope to provide additional timelines soon on when this capability will be available within Launch. 


Thank you for your patience.