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System instability via 100% CPU/high RAM usage with Windows Chrome


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Hi Jon/Team,

I'd previously sent you a direct email about this, but figured I'd submit it this new way as well.

I keep noticing that after having the Chrome extension enabled, and opening and closing enough tabs, eventually all the cores of my CPU spike to 100% and RAM usage goes through the roof. When I pop open Chrome’s Task Manager specifically, I can see that the extension is using 200%+ of the CPU (guess that means multiple cores?). Simply disabling the extension and then re-enabling it drops CPU usage down to single digits and restores RAM usage to a sensible level. (Side note: you can ignore the “Extension: Page Analytics (by Google)” part in the example screenshot below; I’ve also seen the “Adobe Experience Platform Debugger” with “LastPass: Free Password Manager”. It seems like the common Task with the spike is the AEPD extension)

The unfortunate side effect here is that if I don’t catch the issue quick enough, it can cause system wide performance issues. I’ve even seen it crash the graphics drivers (when all the memory gets used up) and that throws application windows all over the place (changes their size and monitor placement) when the graphics drivers are restarted.

Heh, I should probably mention that I really like the new version … even with the issue I’m seeing!

If there’s anything I can do to help you with the issue I see, please let me know!