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Revision compare now in Launch!


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Yesterday, the Launch team introduced the ability to compare revisions in Launch. When editing a rule, click the 3 dots next in the upper right:

What are your thoughts on this feature? How would you like to see it further improved?

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Level 9

That is one feature I was waiting for, thanks! Need to get used on how it works, but the first impression is good. One usability issue though (Only with Firefox, works ok in Chrome):

If I do a code compare and a line of code is longer than what the side by side comparision can handle, there is a horizontal scrollbar and even if there are only a few lines of code also a vertical one. When I try to use the horizontal, the vertical moves as well and the horizontal jumps back to left.


Level 10

That's a great addition to Launch functionality!

It would be great if "\n" is replaced with the actual new line character in the side-by-side comparison though.

Another cool thing would be to be able to select a revision in the right panel to be able to compare different revisions between each other.


Level 4

Great to see more of the features we are used to in DTM make it's way over.

One suggestion however is to add the date the revision was made and by whom. This makes it easier from an auditing perspective, especially if there are rules yet to be published that you need to chase up with another team member as to whether they are ready to be tested yet or need to be disgarded.