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Multiple Rules triggered by same CustomEvent


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We have Adobe Analytics implemented on our website through Launch.


Recently we had a problem of some hits not being well sent to Adobe Analytics, and we deduced it is because of the data layer being charged a bit too late compared to the PageLoad Rule fired at DOM Ready.


The data layer is filled by the developers and sometimes it contains complex data that need processing in the front-end of the site. So basing our PageLoad Rule on DOM Ready was not an option for us anymore.


We decided to ask the developer to send a JS event once the data layer is ready from his side, and from our side we base our PageLoad Rule on a customevent.


So we had these 2 PageLoad Rules based on the customevent "dataLayerReady" :


1- MappingDatalayerWithSObject - Order:1

2 - RuleToSendPageViewHit - Order : 50


Recently I have had the need of a new PageLoad Rule that checks a condition and adds a variable in the s object before the pageview is sent in another PageLoad Rule.


So I ended up with these PageLoad Rules based on *"dataLayerReady" : 


1- MappingDatalayerWithSObject - Order:1

2- NewRuleToCheckSpecificVariable - Order : 20

3 - RuleToSendPageViewHit - Order : 50


After this modification, some browsers do not send any hit to Adobe anymore, and in the console there are error that indicate that the _satellite object does not exist at all.


The 3 rules are fired on this event but with different order : 




Can anyone help ?


Thank you

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I wonder if you are listening for the Custom Event inside Launch library, what JS code calls _satellite before it gets loaded to the page?..

Can you share a screenshot from the browser console that indicates an error?