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Mapping identity to XDM in Web SDK


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I'm trying to setup a super simple Web SDK use case and struggling with several issues.
Hope somebody can support on that...

Problem 1

I'm building a Data Element using "AEP Web SDK" and type "Identity Map". The namespace list doesn't let me select the namespace I created in the specific development sandbox. Instead only the namespaces of the production sandbox are listed here. How can I solve this?

Screenshot 2021-05-10 153305.png

Problem 2

When sending the event using a rule, the ECID is missing as a subnode of my identification XDM mixin. Thus I was thinking: one can add it to the data element from 1). However no ECID is showing up in this list (see screenshot above: no ECID). Documentation states "Determines whether this identity should be used as a primary fragment in the unified profile. By default, the ECID is set as the primary identifier for the user.". But it doesn't tell how to add the ECID to the XDM payload. And its not sent automatically.

Screenshot 2021-05-10 155401.png

Of course, ingestion complains as the ecid is missing ...


Screenshot 2021-05-10 155704.png

So where to get ECID from and how to map it to the data element?


Question 3

One could work around this and add the Experience Cloud ID Service as a Launch Extension. (I've seen this in the Launch rules created automatically for the tutorial)
However the point of Web SDK is that it replaces any other legacy extension. Isn't it?

Thank you!

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Hi @maggod ,


  1. Problem 1--as a workaround, are you able to create the namespace in Prod with the same details as in your sandbox so that it will show up in the dropdown and be selectable?
  2. Problem 2--the ECID will be used as the primary identifier by default but it is encrypted in the request and so you won't see the value. You don't need to worry about populating it yourself. You will see the unencoded ECID value in the response of the interact call.
  3. Yes, don't add the Id Service extension. Web SDK replaces that functionality.