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Hello Adobe Community,

I' ve been asked to track a new chat functionnality on our apps, and I was wonderig if someone on the Adobe Community has already done such thing since I have some questions on this.

Is it something the SDK is able to do ? Each message sent and message received is considered like an action ?

and also

Which KPIS should i track ? Number of messages sent ?

Thanks for you feedback !

Cheers to the Adobe Community !


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I have setup tracking of chat interactions with Valero Chat.

Its a case of what KPIs interest and drive your line of business.

We used it to view impact on sales.

We setup events for

Chat started(clicked on chat icon)

Chat initiated(user filled out data and started to interact with support person)

Chat closed (user left the chat after initiating it)

Those events we then allowed to map as evars so we could then see if a user within a tim made a purchase.(allowed attribution towards a sale).

What is your reason for adding the chat?


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Thanks for the feedback pabloc82923542​ !

So, if I understood well, you used the trackAction method from the Adobe SDK ?

I'm adding the chat for customers to communicate between them and our counselors on their businesses .


Community Advisor

To clarify is your "app" web based or iOS /Android based?

I used custom events for a web based implementation.


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It's both, Android and IOS  based.

Kind regards,



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It seems like you will have to create 3 custom events within the app. Track action can work it really depends on how your app is built and the UI integrates the users interaction upon/during chat start.

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