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Data Element Works only with return Statement


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Hi all,

in Adobe Launch I have defined a data element that should be set with a javascript variable on source page of the website.

When I call on browser console _satellite.getVar('MY VAR') it returns null, even if the javascript variable is defined and populated.

After several tests it seems that I can retrieve my data element value only defining it as a custom code type with a return statement like this:





return ""

May someone help me understand why?


Thank you 

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Yes, this is how it's designed. What was your expectation?




Community Advisor

Just to confirm: inside Adobe Launch, you have setup a Data Element from Core > JavaScript Variable, and you've specified the name of your JavaScript variable in that data element's configuration, right?

Screenshot 2021-02-19 at 6.20.51 PM.png


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Hi yuhuisg, exactly, I've initially defined the variable as you shown in the screeshoot, but I have no value for that. Instead declaring the same variable but with custom code and the return statement, it works always well.


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@Gianluca is the variable set when the page is loaded or later on, e.g. through a script that gets executed after page load? Alternatively, are you able to provide a link to the web page for us to see?
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