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Analytics Extension should provide a "doPlugins" Trigger




The Analytics Extension should provide a Trigger that would be equivalent to the call to doPlugins.

Goal of that is to get rid of any customisation in an Analytics deployment. I would want to use a Rule to replicate the behaviour and possibilities of doPlugins.



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I am in agreement on this one.  I actually had an extension in Launch Integration for a while that did just this.

Some considerations that kept me from proceeding is that IF you have a bona fide Launch event triggered at doPlugins time:

1) How do you prevent the recursion that would occur if someone fired an AA send beacon action in a rule triggered by this event?  To be fair, we don't stop people from calling s.t() or s.tl() from within their doPlugins function, but I think that it would be more commonly done in the UI than in code.

2) How would you expect this trigger to interplay with a declared doPlugins function that exists in code?  My plan was to have a config switch that would let the UI event execute before or after any existing doPlugins function.

3) doPlugins gets run for s.t, s.tl, and any number of other events when link tracking is enabled.  I had envisioned having a single trigger that would be fired in all cases that doPlugins runs.  In addition to this, the extension would provide conditions that would allow the user to create doPlugins rules that would run for s.t, s.tl, download link, exit link, all, or any combination.






Hi Stew,

We're pretty much thinking exactly along the same lines here. I also started writing such an Extension, with a "before/after" config, plus a "delete existing doPlugins"/ "keep existing doPlugins" switch on top.

I didn't think about the loop, or the call type, mainly because neither does the original doPlugins. But good point!

If you ask me: put your Extension live!