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Adobe Launch/Tags - Add the ability to enable and disable individual actions with rule


Level 2


Description -  Within the 'Edit Rule' feature, I would like the option to disable individual actions

Why is this feature important to you - For the purposes of debugging individual actions, it would be much more efficient to have the option to disable an action, rather than having to remove the action altogether.  With actions that feature custom code it is possible to comment out the script so that the action performs nothing. Where the action uses the Extension, e.g. 'Facebook Pixel', 'Google Global Site Tage (gtag), etc, this is not possible, this has to be deleted from the rule altogether, then added back later. 

How would you like the feature to work -  An option within the 'Action' interface, potentially under advanced options.

Current Behaviour - Action has to be deleted, no option to disable, or 'skip' specific action.