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Adobe Launch. Setting s.prop with custom code. Strange behaviour.


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This is the question. In Adobe Launch I've created a rule using Adobe Client Data Layer Extension so that, when pushing a custom event into the adobeDataLayer, it fires the clearing of variables, the setting of some variables and launches the beacon. One of these variables is set through custom code, like this:

s.prop7 = "RandomText3";

, but when the rule is properly fired, prop7 is not set.

However, just to test a hypothesis, I created another rule to fire on DOM Ready which sets the same variable in two different ways.

First case - It sets prop7 using the standard menu.

Second case - It sets prop7 using the custom code s.prop7 = "RandomText3";

In the first case, after firing the rule associated to DOM Ready, I fire the second rule with a custom event and prop7 is set.

In the second case, following the same procedure, prop7 is not set.

I've been thinking and trying different things by I can't find the reason for this strange behaviour.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


PS: I've just edited the post. Sorry,

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Ok. Solved. I answer myself.

The problem was that I was using the wrong beacon: 

s.tl(): Send data to Adobe Analytics and do not treat it as a page view

, instead of:

s.t(): Send data to Adobe Analytics and treat it as a page view.



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I know you posted that you found a solution, but I wanted to call out that if you wanted to use s.tl() instead of s.t(), you can. You'll have to make sure to include prop7 in s.linkTrackVars, though:

s.prop7 = "RandomText";
s.linkTrackVars += ",prop7";


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