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[AEM GEMs] | Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) as a Cloud Service: 2021 review and 2022 outlook




Adobe Developer Live October 2021

Session Details

In this session, we will review:

  1. The main changes to Experience Manager as a Cloud Service 2021 and some of the key metrics.
  2. The upcoming changes that are planned for 2022.

Housekeeping details:

  1. Duration: 60 minutes including 10 minutes of Q&A
  2. Audience: Customers, Partners, and Adobe Employees
  3. Recording & Slides will be made available to the public after the session
  4. The session is free of charge, registration will be required

Session Recording

Session Schedule

Tuesday, Jan 25th, 8:00 AM (PST)


Bertrand de Coatpont, Director of Product Management


Adobe Resource(s)


Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service

Session Q&A

Questions ANSWER
Will Apache only Deployment Pipelines come in AEM Cloud Manager for the cloud? Yes, we're planning to release what we're calling the "web tier" pipeline (covering both Apache and Dispatcher) shortly.
Is Adobe working on faster Deployment Pipelines? At the moment a Full-stack Deployment takes around 1h We have and continue to work to optimize the performance of the full stack pipeline.
From "Aashay Chapatwala": credentials are going to be Self service too? Our goal is to eventually make all common operations either self-service or fully automated.
Did you just say CS in multiple regions? 🥳 Yes, multi-region is something we are looking at for the future, particularly for end-user delivery.
Are there any plans to leverage Fastly's capabilities beyond caching?    I.e. a connector/config in AEM that would allow customers to set up/manage redirects instead of doing that through the dispatcher? There are no concrete plans at this point. which means nothing specifically planned out yet. Bringing more capabilities to the edge of the services will be part of future considerations though.
When will it be possible to upload 4096-bit certificates instead of only 2048? The current capability is based on supporting the majority of the customer base. We will review this for our roadmap. Thanks for your feedback.
Are there some known limits from the Author scaling perspective? No built-in limitations, AEM CS is designed to perform on-demand.
Are there plans to provide docker images instead of just the quickstar.jar for local development purposes? Not planned yet Nicolas, it's easy to release a docker image but running it in CICD based cloud environment at a cloud scale is a whole different story.
Any idea when the content sync feature among cloud instances will be available? Is it gonna be both backward and forward? Yes, the intention is that this feature would support flowing content from lower to upper environments as well as upper to lower.
Is there any plan to "prioritize" the custom domains on Author servers? I know there is an open ticket from a very long time in the queue but not yet prioritized due to several reasons. You are correct, it is a matter of prioritization.
Are there any plan to have self service cache purge agent for Fastly? No concrete plans just yet. Ideally it should not be required for most applications with the edge control capabilities and headers available (eg. short TTL) and if requests are reasonably fast. But we understand that reality often may look different, so if this is going to become a common need we'll consider it.
Are there plans to allow DV certificates instead of only EV/OV? We are continuing to evaluate this from a security and compliance perspective.
Are there plans to make AEM integration with React and Angular more easy and accessible, especially in the tutorials in Learning Platform ? There are plans to update: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-learn/getting-started-with-aem-headless/s... and https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-learn/getting-started-with-aem-headless/s... with latest best practices
It seems so but to confirm, a single cloud manager account can contain multiple sites eg an internal and external site. We can configure environments for these sites in cloud Manager including different certs and rules as applicable. Is this possible? A single Adobe organization (which I think is what you mean by "account") can contain lots of Cloud Manager programs. Each program can contain one production/stage environment pair and any number of dev environments. Certificates are defined at the program level and can either be shared across multiple environments or you can have each environment using its own certificate.
Are there any limitations to use multiple repos in CS? Do we still need to map multiple repos to a single CS repo to accommodate the immutability restrictions? A Cloud Manager program can contain any number of git repositories. Bertrand won't show this but you can see the Repositories tab in his demo where you can see the list and create new ones.
When will the webtier pipeline be available for all customers? In the next release or two
AEM asCS Sandboxes for customer can be extended for customers to try these new features? For the most part. Some features (Ex: Custom Domain Name, SSL Certificates) may not be available in Sandbox programs
will it be showing only standard props or also custom props? The repository browser will show all nodes and all properties, including custom content and properties.
indeed. Can you paste a path into this tool? if you have to click your way thru every time that will get very tedious -- when I use CRX I'm constantly switching between several nodes by path Allowing to enter a path to directly address a node in the repository is planned to be added to the repository browser.
Do all customers get access to NewRelic via the licensing agreement with AEMaaCS? Yes
Do clients need to have the license for New Relic? No, that's part ot the AEM license.
Are the environment variables | set via Cloud Manager can be used for maintaining secret credentials & is it possible to read the same programmatically just like reading from run modes? Is the article below explains the same? | Reference - https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/implementing/deploy... You can read secret variables after they're injected into the OSGi component as described in that documentation.
How to expose aem server stats into another monitoring service for our enterprise dashboard. AEM is one of the components for our client Currently the stats are only exposed via NR access. There's an option to get AEM logs forwarded though, see https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/implementing/develo...
Should be NewRelic One which from a read perspective requires no licensing - is that a correct assumption? no license required indeed
Will NewRelic be licensed separately? Only as documented here: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/implementing/using-...
This might be use case basis but is there a plan to increase environment variables from 200 to 500 or more in 2022? Yes, this can be reviewed
is AEMasCS available in AWS ? AEMaaCS is today already using services from multiple cloud providers. And this should be transparent to users. But I assume the question is about the core AEM services. Those currently are not running on AWS.
As a beginner and newcomer to AEM world - can you give us some Adobe Official documentation for quicker onboarding? Please view https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/onboarding/home.htm... for onboarding. And https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-cloud-service/content/home.html?lang=en as a general overview/home.
How many repo we can create for an environment? There's a limit of 300 repositories per Adobe organization.
is "bring your own CDN" instead or on top of the included Fastly CSN? On top of.
In Cloud Services, would there be an option to create a clone of a particular environment (using its repo)? This is something that AMS has helped us with on a few occasions in the past. We have to restore options from backups for existing environments, that could be used to restore to new, other environments.
will we get recording of this session? Yes, our session recordings will be shared in contextual threads after the session.
With multi-region on the horizon and maybe some time far in the future AWS, are you considering multi-cloud vendor deployments? Theoretically will be possible from a technical pov, yes.


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