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Adobe Developers Live 2021 | Complete Session list





Hi everyone!


By popular request, here is an aggregated list of all the AEM sessions occurring at Adobe Developers Live.

Register here: https://hopin.com/events/adobe-developers-live-content 


Session Title Description Speaker(s)

Opening Keynote: 

AEM as a Cloud Service - making the impossible possible

A look behind the scenes sharing insights on strategy and innovation around AEM in the Cloud while describing the major changes leading to where we are today. Jean-Michel & Pittet Diana Munteanu
HTTP? How it started, how it's going An interview with Roy Fielding, co-author of the HTTP protocol and inventor of REST, on the evolution of HTTP from early days to current work on QUIC & HTTP/3 Roy Fielding
OSGi inside - why we love it and why you don't really need to care A panel with Carsten Ziegeler, Karl Pauls, & David Bosschaert on why we use OSGi, why it's relevant in the Cloud and what AEM developers need to know about it Carsten Ziegeler, Karl Pauls & David Bosschaert
Moving AEM to the Cloud: challenges, stories, and solutions A panel with Ian Boston, Tomek Rekawek, and Carlos Sanchez, on how we successfully moved AEM to the Cloud. Ian Boston, Tomek Rekawek & Carlos Sanchez
API authentication with AEM as a Cloud Service How new mechanisms in the AEM Dev Console allow authentication to instances of AEM in the Cloud, both as a developer and from 3rd party applications. Brian Chaikelson & Ian Boston
Local Build analyzers with AEM as a Cloud Service Focus on new analyzers added to the AEM archetype, allowing to reproduce locally validations that will be done within the Cloud Manager deployment pipelines. Brian Chaikelson, Karl Pauls & David Bosschaert
Environment variables with AEM as a Cloud Service Learn how to manage environment variables with AEM as a Cloud Service and use them in the context of a build process or OSGI configuration variables. Shankari Panchapakesan & Raul Hudea
Get ready for Cloud Service - migration best practices (Andreea) Adapting your code base to make it cloud-friendly and bulletproof against future upgrades handled under the hood is key to maximize AEM Cloud Service benefits. Andreea Miruna Moise
Content Delivery on AEMaaCS: Tips to setup your project to deliver fast experiences AEM as a Cloud Service has a powerful preconfigured content delivery architecture. Demonstrate how to make the best of optimized content delivery configs. Mike Tilburg & Marius Petria
Custom Functional Tests for safer CI/CD pipelines Learn how to deploy your code in production with confidence thanks to custom functional tests. Quality shouldn’t be hard, even on a busy Friday afternoon. Andres Bott
Headless: GraphQL with Content Fragments Learn about the new headless capabilities with the most recent Content Fragment enhancements. This session will focus on the GraphQL API for AEM Cloud Service. Jabran Asghar
SPA Editor 2.0: add in-context editable content spots to any app Load your existing React or Angular SPA in the Page Editor and, with minimal intervention, enable authors to insert content that they edit in-context. Sharanya Vinod, Patrick Fauchere & Gabriel Walt
PWA: Turn any Site into a Progressive Web App Make your site installable on mobile devices and available offline with just a click, no matter whether it is a web app or a traditional site. Kalyanaraman Balasubramaniam Krishnan, Patrick Fauchere and Gabriel Walt
Rapid Frontend Development - Your Future Workflow Use Site Templates to create new sites in few clicks, and bring back the fun of frontend development with the rapid deployment of frontend assets like CSS&JS. Gabriel Walt
Adobe Client Data Layer: Track your visitor data Understand ACDL’s event-driven API. A Commerce example will show how the Core Components hydrate it and the Launch extension interfaces with AA and AT. Jean-Christophe Kautzmann, Laurentiu Magureanu & Benedikt Wedenik
Fast Time to Value with AEM Sites and the Digital Foundation Blueprint   Yuji Nakagawa
Content & Commerce with AEM as a Cloud Service This session helps developers to get started with Commerce on AEM as a Cloud Service - from the local setup of AEM SDK + CIF to AEM & Magento in the cloud. Markus Haack
CIF Extensibility via GraphQL Learn how to extend Commerce core components using GraphQL. Mark J. Becker
Asset Compute Service Extensibility Learn how to use Project Firefly to build custom Asset Compute worker for asset processing during ingestion into AEM Chandar Natarajan & Jamie Delbick
Asset Bulk Ingestion This session will introduce the new feature of assets bulk ingestion in cloud service and its' scalability & performance. Kaushal Mall & Jun Zhang
Digital Enrollment experiences with Adobe Experience Manager Forms in the cloud This session focuses on the journey of Forms from on-prem to cloud. It will also cover the enablement of digital enrolment use cases through demos. Arun Taneja & Salil Taneja
Developing with Adobe Experience Manager Forms in the cloud Getting started with FaaCS and the process of onboarding existing customers to the cloud. It also covers the newly defined paradigm and changes from on-prem Vijay Kumar Jalagari
So you want to extend Adobe Experience Cloud? You want to extend Adobe solutions using a modern architecture that works for multiple solutions? Well, we think that you should give Project Firefly a try. Sarah Xu, Kanika Gera & Manik Jindal
Project Firefly deep dive OK, so want to hear more Project Firefly developer stuff? Join us and see Firefly in action: code, security, headfull and headless apps, CI/CD and more. Jesse MacFadyen & Duy Nguyen
AEM Screens as a Cloud Service Re-imagining AEM Screens as a Cloud Service: a journey from being tightly coupled to a CMS to becoming a fully managed and scalable cloud service. Dominique Jaeggi Tobias Reiss
Web & Mobile SDK's + Ex Edge + Launch Server Side = happiness Unlock the full potential of AEP Launch Server Side with the AEP Web & Mobile SDK's to optimize your enterprise data collection. Rudi Shumpert, Aaron Hardy & Emilia Dobrin
Adobe Experience Platform Launch Demo Quickly and easily deploy and manage your client-side marketing & advertising tags with AEP Launch, learn how to customize, and write your own extensions. Jeff Chasin
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