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Slow response of Adobe I/O runtime services


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What is the problem?
While trying to connect AEM with Adobe I/O runtime services for commerce integration (WCS), we are facing issue with response time. At times it functions properly but at times the response is either too slow or no response is there.

How is it observed?
It was observed while trying to fetch virtual catalog and response for PDP pages via AEM and GraphiQL client

And what have you already tried to solve the issue?
We tried increasing connection and socket timeout in AEM for GraphQL configurations but still facing the same issue





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Hello Sharma,


I believe there is a thread open on the same topic with the customer support. Without knowing your code and what you see in your logs, here are some pointers:
1. We have customers in production with AEM Commerce and I/O Runtime and there were no issues reported
2. While working with these customers in pre-production, the latency or time-out problems were always related to the downstream service (the Commerce platform). For example, rate limiting or slow response. You should be able to track this, by logging from your actions. This way you know exactly when the execution started and when the response came back from the commerce system.

Can you add more details on the ticket open with the customer support? I don't think we've got additional info.


Thank you,



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Hello Mihai,

We have uploaded logs on the customer support ticket. Can you please look into that if you have access.





Please email me a link to the customer support ticket. Thank you1