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Project Firefly - Submitting For Approval


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We have built a Project Firefly application, now we want to list that project in the below section,



For now, my understanding is to bring an app in this section, we need to submit it for approval from the production workspace(shown below):







1. Is my above understanding right?

2. Let's say I want to do another release after app listed in the Project Firefly Apps section, do I need to go through the approval cycle again? or What is the process to release a new version of the App?

3. How long this approval process will take from the Adobe side?

4. devmode=true, this section we see in the final URL after the app is deployed, I hope this won't come on the approved version?

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@kishoreindraganti - you could have a look at this documentation, which provides all details about Firefly app publishing: https://www.adobe.io/apis/experienceplatform/project-firefly/docs.html#!AdobeDocs/project-firefly/ma....

If you still have unanswered question, feel free to ask.


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Hi @duypnguyen , Thanks! I don't have clarity on my #2, #3, and #4 points, It would be great if you could help me on that.



Hi @kishoreindraganti  -

2. Once you publish the app, it is available in the Experience Cloud. Future deployments (aio app deploy) just refresh it, without impacting the approval status of the app. Hence, no need to re-approve every time you make a new release.

3. The approval is done by the admin of your enterprise org, not Adobe. Therefore how long it takes depends on your org admin. If you are the admin, you can approve it yourself following the docs in "My Exchange" part.

4. After the approval, you will see the app opened under a new subpath, which contains no devMode anymore.