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Post data through events_url of custom event (already event provider registered successfully with IO events in a project of adobe developer console)


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How can we post data through events_url or through any other url(if you can suggest) when our custom event gets triggered ? check below screenshot for more reference

Screenshot from 2023-04-13 11-30-12.png

Screenshot from 2023-04-13 11-30-16.png


When i run events_url (https://events-va6.adobe.io/events/organizations/1161908/integrations/424802/1489ca15-bbdd-40d2-8723...) as get method in postman then i got below response:


"events": [
"position": "rabbit:9d0069e2-2319-42f1-aabf-9fd6aa151d00.penguin:cdb41ba3-fd4d-43e0-a622-7900fd24e3e5.90203bfc-917e-46d6-8e2c-44e4ba8e63b4.0.1681281540.zeyvocisjkxavzozxbcb",
"event": {
"data": {
"payload": "sample sata"
"id": "102316",
"source": "urn:uuid:e68e1a7b-19db-42d0-bd10-27067dea37a1",
"specversion": "1.0",
"type": "net.sigmainfo",
"datacontenttype": "application/json",
"event_id": "90203bfc-917e-46d6-8e2c-44e4ba8e63b4",
"recipient_client_id": "82d09f7ea89c490f91a615850d7f3644"
"_page": {
"last": "rabbit:9d0069e2-2319-42f1-aabf-9fd6aa151d00.penguin:cdb41ba3-fd4d-43e0-a622-7900fd24e3e5.90203bfc-917e-46d6-8e2c-44e4ba8e63b4.0.1681281540.zeyvocisjkxavzozxbcb",
"count": 1


I am not able to post data through this events_url or if you know any other url through which I can post our data to defined webhook unique endpoint when custom event get triggered, let me know about the url & payload data.



Rohan Dhakad


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Hi @rohandhakad

For any questions related to Adobe I/O Events, we recommend you post your questions on that forum. https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/adobe-developer-events/ct-p/adobe-io-events