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Not getting refresh token after login


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       I am implementing a functionality to download images from Adobe stock programmatically and I am logging in using Adobe IMS API but when I am logging in and getting a response back, I am not getting the refresh token back. Here is the URL to the documentation which I referred to in order to implement the login functionality. 




I checked the documentation and it is mentioned over there "Once you have fetched the access tokens for a user you may also be provided a refresh token in the response. A refresh token is only presented when the offline_access scope is requested in the authorize step. Please note that not all APIs and Services support the offline_access scope for security reasons."

So my concern is, how can I get the refresh token? Please help as I am not able to find any helpful resources for the same. 


Any help will be appreciated. 

Thank you in advance. 


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Adobe Stock does not support a refresh token at this time. It used to be allowed, but was taken away for security reasons because we cannot guarantee it will be treated securely. With any token, a user could use your account to do unauthorized licensing or even purchase Premium content. Net, any user of your application must sign in every 24 hours, or whenever the token expires.


If you are an Enterprise customer, you should be using a service account integration, which does not require a user login.


If you have further questions, please email stockapis@adobe.com.