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Friendly URL for Project Firefly Apps


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Currently, as a result of aio app deploy command the url is being generated where we can access the application, is there any way where I can create the URL's from the domain that I own instead of the default URL?



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Hi @kishoreindraganti - I assume you are deploying an SPA (Firefly app with UI).

All the static files are uploaded to Firefly cloud storage and served from our CDN, which gives a specific URL that you see after the deploy command.

If you want your app to be available in a different domain, it should be easy to point that domain to the Firefly CDN URL.

If you want your app (static files) to be uploaded to your own edge server / CDN, you would need to add a custom hook to the aio app deploy script: https://www.adobe.io/apis/experienceplatform/project-firefly/docs.html#!AdobeDocs/project-firefly/ma....