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Access S3 using AIO runtime


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I am trying to access a file on S3.

This is a POC - the idea is to build the code in JavaScipt, deploy it on AIO and run it.

The code uses aws-sdk module and works just fine when running it on my local terminal (using command node <filename>.js). I can even deploy the code onto AIO, by creating an action.


However, the issue is I am unable to run the code. I am met with this error while trying invoke the action: 



I have created a templated Firefly project on developer console, configured CLI, workspace etc. as mentioned in the documentation; even installed aws-sdk package in the project directory and added the dependencies in package.json file as well. I continue to face the same error.


If anyone has figured out how to get this to work, please do provide a code sample or let me know where I might be going wrong.



P.S. I am picking up JavaScript on the go and can possibly ask tons of silly doubts - so TIA!


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Hi @Aditya82Ram 

You need to follow same procedure has followed in this example.



Those node_modules won't be there by default so you need to create headless app and do npm install aws-sdk in those app project folder. Do some changes in index.js which will be in action folder and do app deploy. After that you will get web-based action url and use it accordingly.








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In case you find the answer of Naveen TLDR here is a short version:

add `aws-sdk` in your `package.json` as dependency and do a `npm install`. Should solve the problem