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We are excited to introduce our latest innovation to enhance the Adobe Campaign user experience — the Adobe Campaign v8 Web User Interface!

Adobe Campaign Standard Customer FAQ - January 2024 Update




Last year, Adobe product experts discussed the future of Adobe Campaign Standard. We highlighted the Campaign Product team streamlining roadmap and innovations across Campaign Standard and Campaign Classic and consolidating on a single version - now known as Adobe Campaign v8. The consolidation presents an opportunity for Adobe Campaign Standard customers to transition and take advantage of all that Adobe Campaign v8 has to offer.


Last year, we enhanced Adobe Campaign v8 with infrastructure and architecture upgrades that improve application scale, speed, flexibility, and offered as a Managed Cloud solution. Adobe Campaign v8 currently supports a native integration with the Adobe Experience Platform, for segment sharing and data synchronization, which unlocks new use cases. Later this year, we plan to release a reimagined user experience for Adobe Campaign v8, which brings a consistent and unified experience across Adobe Experience Cloud applications.


On July 20th, we hosted webinar to review the product strategy and roadmap, providing a chance to engage with product experts. The webinar will included a demonstration of the new user experience, a preview of the tooling and automation for a transition, and an overview of the migration activities that ensure a smooth transition. Webinar video: 

Webinar Replay 


In the meantime, here are commonly asked questions and answers we’ve received regarding Campaign Standard since our last webinar.


  • Where can I find more details on the Adobe Campaign Standard Roadmap? Join us on a webinar in February, when we will provide an update on roadmap, product strategy and transition to Adobe Campaign v8. Please register and mark your calendar!
  • When is the end of life for Adobe Campaign Standard? This announcement is not the end of life for Adobe Campaign Standard and no formal end of life has been set. Post-2023, roadmap investment will start to shift to Adobe Campaign v8, in our move to create a singular Adobe Campaign version for the market. We highly encourage customers to begin planning their transition to the new version in 2024 to take advantage of future roadmap investments.
  • Is this new version of Adobe Campaign considered Campaign Classic? Adobe Campaign ‘Classic’ refers to versions of Adobe Campaign v7 and earlier. Adobe made significant investment in the architecture and infrastructure for Adobe Campaign v8. Moving forward all releases post- version 8 will be Adobe Campaign. 
  • When do I need to upgrade? We encourage you to use 2024 to plan for your upgrade. Adobe plans to release the new version of Adobe Campaign for general availability in February, 2024, and tooling to support an upgrade in the first half of 2024. Your Adobe Account team will work with you on transition timelines that make sense for your business.
  • When will the new UI for Adobe Campaign v8 be live and when can I see a demo of the product? Adobe plans to release this new version of Adobe Campaign v8 in February, however dates are subject to change. Please reach out to your Adobe account team to set up a demo with our product team.
  • When can I have access to the new version of Adobe Campaign? The new UI will be available for Adobe Campaign v8 customer in February, who are on the latest build.
  • What is the expected level of effort to upgrade? Will upgrading require consulting services? Adobe is developing automated services to assist with your upgrade process to minimize the level of effort it requires you to upgrade. However, the level of effort may vary customer by customer based on the complexity of your deployment, data, and use cases. We will provide more details as developments progress and work with you closely to plan for the transition.
  • Will my team need to learn new skills or processes? Are there tutorials available now? As we get closer to release, we can provide more details and tutorials on the updated experience.
  • Who do I contact with any questions? Please contact your Adobe team with any follow-up questions.

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