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Workspace: protect tags


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At first, I thought sending question to ClientCare but since this probably is a feature and not a bug, I decided to wrote in idea exchange. In Workspace you can right-click on a component and choose to add tags. Love this feature, you can tag your favorite KPI variables and events etc. I loved this feature even more when I noticed that other users can see my tags also. This way it so much easier to find what you looking for (at least for new users and product owners that are not so familiar with different components). But now I noticed one strange thing or is this a good thing? Any comments would be nice to have before I agree even my own idea to “protect” tags.


Report Suite A and I tagged eVar16 variable (search term category) as “domain.com kpi” tag. If then another user goes to totally different report suite B in workspace and he happens to search eVar16 variable in his report suite, and it could be e.g. “product information”. This is important to him and he wants to tag it and he makes new tag called “anotherdomain.com kpi”. So far everything ok, but just before he is hitting the save button he sees this is also checkboxed for “domain.com kpi”  and he thinks “why is my eVar16 tagged to domain that hasn’t got nothing to do with my domain, I will uncheck it” and eventually he hits the save button. Have seen this happening, so other users can uncheck same variable/event numbers from other users… very big risk that on large companies people start to uncheck these, just because they understand it wrong or something.


What could be the right answer to “protect” tags? I love that tags are available for all users, so I wouldn’t want tags to be user related. However, could we have protection where user can’t remove another user’s tag additions. Well, you get the point… how could we protect these tags, so users wont uncheck other user’s tagged components (since those are "number related" for all report suites)


Ps. I also have this kind of idea request for better management of tags:
http://ideas.omniture.com/t5/Idea-Exchange-for-Adobe/Workspace-Give-admins-better-options- to-manage-different-tags/idi-p/16337

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i guess this is mainly a problem if you have complete different evars/props/event settings between the rwport suites! if they are the same, the issue wouldn't be as big ... however, i support the idea of "managing/protect tags...

just a few other solutions i see to solve this problem:

1) as soon as a segment is approved, only dedicated users can change it (maybe admins). i think i will raise an idea separtely because this can help for other settings as well (calc. metrics, workspaces, ...)

2) protected segments: an option for segments similar to the above, but independent from the current "approve" function

3) create segments only for dedicated report suites (not available in other report suites)

maybe there are other options indon't see at the moment. but i support a better management