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Change is difficult but necessary. I'm a user. My group is my family. We have a portfolio with programs and many projects. We are each a project because everything is a project. We're on others' projects. We have issues, plural. We have tasks, too many to count. Our issues are resolved by projects, tasks or issues. We resolve others' issues through our projects tasks or issues. Much like pulleys of an engine, our interactions are spherical where energy is exchanged as we interact. But unlike an engine, we have the potential for unlimited interactions in infinite directions, each with their own expectations. The quality of our relationships is determined by our ability to resolve issues effectively within these interactions, especially when conducted with agility and as teams. The issues we resolve through tasks and communications determine the balance in our relationships. But we're in other groups as well, which adds to the complexity of the input we receive and the output we're expected to produce. Sometimes things get complicated, but unraveling things is easier than it seems. The only evidence of life is growth and the only evidence of growth is change. Since Workfront can be configured to be consistent with human nature as it pertains to change, we can use the technology to train humans on appropriate and effective communication and change management techniques to restore balance in the exchange of resources. Truth in collaboration in a virtual world will improve our innate ability to be true in the physical world. As we successfully navigate process, communication and change, illogical methods of resolving issues will become counter-intuitive to our nature. Transparency can be restored because ego is removed from the equation in a system where truth reigns and lies die. We've over-complicated communication and collaboration in both the physical and virtual worlds, making it nearly impossible for us to realize our infinite individual potential. Our success correlates directly with our ability to maintain balance in the many pulleys we operate in our systems. The amount of work defined in the system should correlate with our individual motivation for change. Our ability to maintain perfect balance in our pulleys is the key to happiness. Workfront is the platform. WFPro is the framework. #TheWFProWay is the recipe. Let's evolve.


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