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Users by Layout Template (CLD5) questions


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hey folks, I am working my way through the reports in "https://support.workfront.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008704374-Workfront-Cleanup-Dashboard" https://support.workfront.com/hc/en-us/articles/360008704374-Workfront-Cleanup-Dashboard and I am stuck on a few of them. CLD 5 is one of the main ones I'm struggling with. I just learned that if I apply a layout template to a role, team or group, it won't populate the user setting field called "layout template" (that explains the "tip" in the report's description area). Is there a better way to get some sense of who has a layout template or is this going to be a manual effort where I'm going into each layout template to look and see who it's assigned to? -skye
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Hi Skye, This one is tricky because of the way that layouts are prioritized. I haven't found an effective way to do it via reporting, so I decided to repurpose the Description field to show me at-a-glance the assignment values that usually require you to navigate into the layout settings. This is structured in a way I can quickly search if I know the user details. I put them in the order Users >> Roles >> Teams >> Groups to reiterate that is the priority by which the layout is assigned. So if I want to figure out which layout is assigned to someone (and that field is blank in their user profile), I make a note of their Home Group, Home Team, and Primary Role, then look at the list of layouts. First, I Ctrl+F to search for their Job Role. If that's found, that's their assigned layout. If not found, I then Ctrl+F to search for their Home Team. If that's found, that's their assigned layout. If not found, I then Ctrl+F to search for their Home Group. If that's found, that's their assigned layout. If still not found, the user has no layout assigned to them at all. Not a perfect solution, but this saves me from looking inside each layout's settings which became very old very quickly... William English Disney Destinations
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thanks William. I was hoping I wouldn't have to resort to that, but if that's the way everyone else does it, I'll do it too. In the meantime, I guess CLD#5 is a report we can take out of circulation. -skye


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Skye, This is a great question and I would say a potential oversight regarding the assigning of layout templates when viewing the user details. I like William's suggestion and I wanted to share another option that I have been doing that seems to work pretty well. Maybe there is a combination or these options will spawn an even better way. Decide if the layout template will be assigned via Group, Team, or Job Role. I recommend only one be used to make it as simple as possible. Assign the layout templates to their respective group, team or job role. To help make sure the assignment has been made correctly and nothing missed, I use a report (either group, team or job role) to show me all the groups, teams or job roles and the layout template assigned to them. Once this is done, all you have to focus on is that everyone is assigned to the correct Home Team or Home Group or Primary Job Role. I then have the system admin dashboard include the team, group or job role report with conditional formatting to highlight empty cells to quickly identify if a new team, group, or job role has been created and no layout template assigned. I hope this helps with ideas! David DAVID A. TAYLOR Founder & Managing Consultant


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Hi @Skye Hansen , @William English , @David Taylor - moventus , There is actually a solution available through reporting Text Mode that shows Layout Templates, assigned to users, on all possible levels (i.e. user, role, team, group). To test the solution and apply it to User reports/Views, you should import the attached file via Kickstarts, and run " Active Layout Templates " report, created as a result of the Kickstart import. Hope this custom solution will help for the time being. In the meantime, the product team will work on a permanent native solution. Kind Regards, Mariam Paronyan, PMP Product Manager Workfront0690z000007ZiB5AAK.jpg


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@Mariam Paronyan thanks so much for the report! I love it, and Workfront should definitely include it in the dashboard, either as a replacement for CLD5 or as a companion, so that we're always mindful that just because CLD5 shows the majority of users have no layout templates, this may not be the whole truth. -skye


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I use the people view to sort by this. By using the people view, you can also bulk edit the layout if needed. I can group it by layout in this way too. See attached custom view. Jeannie Hart Cambia Health Solutions, Inc0690z000007Zi4LAAS.png


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hi Jeannie, I did try to use the people tab to sort this out, but the Layout Template field will not populate unless you attach Layout Templates to the user profile, which we don't. We attach them to the Home Teams, and as a result, this does not populate that field. for us, Mariam's workaround will bridge the gap. -skye


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Hi Maryam I tried to upload the attachment as a Kickstart but got this error Whoops! Something went wrong. null row: 3 sheet: PTLSEC Thanks, Jill Jill Ackerman


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@Jill Ackerman -- I just tried to download and kickstart this report again. No error on my side (I didn't even bother unzipping the file: it just goes into the kickstart as a zip file). If you can't get it working, let's just have you create the report "by hand" with the following columns.

Create a user report.

Column 0 has no text mode, just use the builder to get User>Name

Column 1 text mode:

displayname=Active Layout Template


valueexpression=IF(!ISBLANK({layoutTemplateID}),{layoutTemplate}.{name},IF(ISBLANK({layoutTemplateID})&&!ISBLANK({role}.{layoutTemplateID}),{role}.{layoutTemplate}.{name},IF(ISBLANK({layoutTemplateID})&&ISBLANK({role}.{layoutTemplateID})&&!ISBLANK({homeTeam}.{layoutTemplateID}),{homeTeam}.{layoutTemplate}.{name},IF(ISBLANK({layoutTemplateID})&&ISBLANK({role}.{layoutTemplateID})&&ISBLANK({homeTeam}.{layoutTemplateID})&&!ISBLANK({homeGroup}.{layoutTemplateID}),{homeGroup}.{layoutTemplate}.{name},"No Layout Template Applied"))))


Column 2 text mode:

displayname=The way it is applied


valueexpression=IF(!ISBLANK({layoutTemplateID}),"User Profile",IF(ISBLANK({layoutTemplateID})&&!ISBLANK({role}.{layoutTemplateID}),"Primary Role",IF(ISBLANK({layoutTemplateID})&&ISBLANK({role}.{layoutTemplateID})&&!ISBLANK({homeTeam}.{layoutTemplateID}),"Home Team",IF(ISBLANK({layoutTemplateID})&&ISBLANK({role}.{layoutTemplateID})&&ISBLANK({homeTeam}.{layoutTemplateID})&&!ISBLANK({homeGroup}.{layoutTemplateID}),"Home Group"))))


Column 3 text mode:

column.3.displayname=All Layout Templates



column.3.value=------ User Profile ------







column.5.displayname=All Layout Templates







column.6.value=------ Primary Role ------









column.8.value=------ Home Team ------









column.10.value=------ Home Group ------








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Ok I'm an idiot. I unzipped it because that's what I do with zipped files! No unzipping, it works exactly as it's supposed to. Thanks. Jill Ackerman