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There seems to be an issue with the 'Age' field with Issue.


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When creating a report, it is not allowed to be selected as a group by. When running the detail report, it could show the the Age field, but when switch to Summary mode, it generates the following error Invalid Parameter: Search Parameter value "howOld" (RequestID: 57bc437101d0739c2d06cdf4fc67f991) Any idea? Also, is there a way to create a calculated field based on something like $$TODAY since the 'age' field does not seems to work for reporting summary. I've tried to use DATEDIFF($$TODAY, Entry Date) and got blank. Any insight would be appreciated.

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I'm also running into this. In your report, under grouping, you can set Apply An Existing Grouping to Age. That might help a bit. However, I really need to make charts using aging data: Oldest ticket per department Average age of tickets (grouped by the month they were entered) Average age of tickets per department etc