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Review of Word Documents and Excel Files


Level 8

Are there any teams successfully using proofing for excel files and word documents?  The feedback from the teams is that excel doesn't showcase easily with proofing and the mark up tools within Word are easier to use and make changes rather than view the proofing updates and then update the file and upload a new version into the proofing. 

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Community Advisor

For excel: our instance doesn't deal with a lot of excel review, so I can't personally speak to whether it's any good, but just want to point out that unless the print area and print breaks are set well on the excel file (including how much can fit on a page), it often doesn't convert to a Proof well.


For word and other word-like files like powerpoint: we do get users who aren't really thinking about what they want in this regard. Workfront Proof is excellent for review and marking up only. We do get teams who prefer to their reviewers to also make the changes at the same time as they review so that changes can reflect immediately on the file -- I wonder if this is the feedback your users are also giving you? This really isn't how Proof works, or offers to work, so it's important to be able to clarify this when implementing teams (whether they want to change as they go or whether they want a commentary only).


Level 10

We link Word files from the Documents tab to their location on Sharepoint and do the markups using Microsoft tools of comments and Track Changes. Nobody has ever asked to have a review of an Excel document so that has not even been on the radar!! I can't imagine it would work as you would need to see the formulas to review an Excel document. Even Microsoft doesn't offer  Track Changes for Excel, seems like a rare thing.

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