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Report filter: Show projects that are greater than a calculated column


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Hi Everyone! I'm in a bit of a time-crunch on this one. Would anyone know how to filter a certain amount of hours over a calculated column I have set? Basically, I have a project report with both Planned and Actual hours. I have a text mode column of the difference. Now, I'd like to filter out the difference that is over a certain amount. How can I filter this as Text Mode? Is this possible? Help please! Ruby Aran IGM Financial

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Hi Ruby, I can suggest two options: in order to filter, the data needs to be persisted in Workfront's database, so you could create a calculated parameter at the Project level (eg "Planned Minus Actual Hours" with a similar formula, then filter on that number to retrieve only the items of interest (noting that such calcs can get "stale", which you can overcome by periodically recalculating manually, or by using our "https://store.atappstore.com/product/force-custom-data-double-recalc/" Recalc Parameters solution to do so automatically) alternatively, if you don't mind "extra rows", you could use an IF statement to alter your current calculation so that it only shows those differences that warrant your attention Regards, Doug Doug Den Hoed - AtAppStore Got Skills? Lend a hand! https://community.workfront.com/participate/unanswered-threads


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Hi there! Found this post when I was searching for something else, not sure if you still need the help but check this article out to answer your question! https://experienceleaguecommunities.adobe.com/t5/workfront-blogs/customer-success-tips-comparing-pla...

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