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Projects Alerts


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We recently had a project, an urgent/rushed project that needed to be completed it just three or four days. Due to a delivery issue a temporary solution was put into place which required some additional work, however, it was not noticed until post completion that this had taken the project over the quoted time and cost scales. Now whilst the Project Owner put his hands up and admit this was his fault for not checking my reporting etc. in the morning, due to the urgency of the project it would have been handy if we could have had an alert warning us that we were 75% of our way through time and costs. Then we could have gone back to the client and explained there was going to be additional costs, however, as it was the additional work will now have to go unbilled. I have now open the query on Idea Exchange about if Is it possible to set an alert of flag at say 75% of a project? It may also be a good way of judging the effectiveness of project and business processes in particular scenarios, like this. If you agree with me, please up-vote the idea :) Thanks! "https://support.workfront.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115005560893-Alert-Query">https://support.workfront.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115005560893-Alert-Query Dagmara Garwell BAKKAVOR LTD
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