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Processing Hundreds of Notifications


Level 1
I would love to know how you triage hundreds of notifications. Is there a way to group them or see them in context of the task, or mark ones to follow up on or a way to unsubscribe to a thread. Something that would be really helpful as we are working to move more and more of our communication from email to Workfront. LeGrand Hunsaker Managing the mundane to stimulate Creativity

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Level 10
Hi - there is no filtering/grouping related notication functionality that I am aware of. However, a tip is that for new notifications, there is a little blue dot to the left of them. I only realised recently that you can click the blue dot to mark the notification as read without you needing to click on it and go into it, then back to the notification list. This makes it faster to process lots of notifications if you don't need to go into each one.


Level 4
Hi LeGrand, There are some exciting new features around email notifications that are coming to Workfront soon. The recent October features released showed new email notifications options that will be in Early Access on 10/26/16 and could be generally available December 2016. https://support.workfront.com/hc/en-us/articles/228568427-October-2016-Release-Activity#email-digest... One feature that may help your situation is the ability to have a daily summary for a notification group (ex: Information about projects I Own) instead of instant individual notifications. There is more information in the link I included above. Best, Andrew Beard Sr. Associate, LeapPoint "mailto:abeard@leappoint.com" abeard@leappoint.com 203-232-4090