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Pass "\\" as value to a particular field in workfront


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Hi Guys, I am integrating .net application with workfront. I want to pass a value " T:\TechnologyWorkRequests\2016\TAD160888_Communications " to particular field (say URL) in workfront. What is the best way to acheive it? Since I had few values, I tried to pass values in the URL as below using put method. https://{mycompany}.attasksandbox.com/attask/api/project?ID=57ba84---1&updates={"description":"ToImplementWorkFront","URL":"T:%5CTechnologyWorkRequests%5C2016%5CTAD160888_Communications"}&apiKey=g--t&method=put I get parse error. I am explicitly encoding "\" character as %5C. I have posted "http://stackoverflow.com/questions/39071818/attask-pass-backslash-in-url-as-value/39071939#39071939">my question in stack overflow. Thanks in advance! Pramod KB .Net Web Developer | ABC News Corporation
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