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Notifications without tags?


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How can I set up receiving emails for comments on a task and in the proof for a task assigned to me? Why am I not getting email notifications even though I have the option checked in the settings?


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Task notifications and proof notifications are two different settings. 


For proof notifications you'd want to have your email settings set to all activity or something similar to get notifications about it. 



Manage notifications for proof comments and decisions | Adobe Workfront


For task notifications you should get the notifications if you are assigned to the task with that notification checked as true. If you are assigned to the task and not getting these notifications you might want to open a support ticket for them to investigate why you aren't getting them. 

Someone comments on one of my work items

The assignee of the work item receives an email notification any time a user adds an update to a work item, unless the user who adds the update is also the assignee.

When a comment is posted on a request, email the issue primary contact.

The primary contact for an issue receives an email notification when a comment is posted on a request, unless the user who posted the comment is also the primary contact for the issue.

Any users who are directly included in the comment also receive an email notification.

The subject of the instant notification email is: Comment on <Work Item Name> on <Project Name (ref# <Work Item Reference Number>)

The subject of the daily digest notification is: Digest of Communication <Date of daily digest>




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If you are not receiving emails - as in - all of your communication preferences are configured correctly and no emails land in your inbox - it could be something related to how emails are being routed in your organization or in your email client.  I would double check that they're not being mislabeled as junk mail in your email client or on an organizational level.


Additionally in Workfront you might also want to ensure the best options are selected in the "information about work assigned to me" section of the communication preferences.


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Notification preferences in Workfront are all over the place.  Even if you're a project owner, you won't necessarily get an email notification if someone makes a comment but doesn't tag you.  It's madness!


The best thing I've found so far is to 'Subscribe' to a project that you're a part of. I think if you do that you'll get notifications about updates even if you aren't tagged in them:




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Thank you! It's working I'm wondering if it's possible to set some auto subscription for all people who are in the task...  All this tagging is annoying, and for me, it should be used only for people from outside the task. 


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If the users (or group/team they're on) are specifically assigned to the task, I think they should get a notification. There might be some global notification settings to check though to make sure they're enabled. The way they are labeled in the admin panel doesn't always make it clear what they actually do, so you may have to play around with it a little.

The other thing we've done is subscribe some users at the Portfolio or Program level. We have projects within specific Portfolios and Programs. If Jim is the manager of Program A, we subscribe him to the Portfolio of Program A, which notifies him about all the projects within that Portfolio .