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Multiple report editing?


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We are increasingly expanding our divisions into WF and when that happens, overarching dashboard reports all need to be updated to include (or exclude) this new metric. Also, division dashboards need to be duplicated with one custom field change only. Is there an easier way of completing either edits without touching every.single.one of these reports? Is there some tip that you've found made it easier when doing so? Thanks so much.

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Hi Christina, I've been doing a lot of report clean up over here lately. The best thing I can say is to leverage Wildcard Filter Variables whenever possible. See: https://experience.workfront.com/s/article/Wildcard-Filter-Variables-810113772 Let your reports be as dynamic and contextual to the user and/or situation as possible. I have been able to cut down our list a ton, removing duplicates and single-use reports. (I still have a long way to go, but its helping..!) Hope that helps! Brian Brian C. Mauger Bloomberg L.P.


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Hi Christina, Building on Brian's advice, and wondering if part of your challenge is the repetitiveness of having to go fix multiple copies of the same report (i.e. to adjust their filters, or add a column, or change some special formatting logic, etc.), I invite you to consider reducing your maintenance (significantly) using our "https://store.atappstore.com/product/uberfilter/" UberFilter solution, which lets users choose a dashboard level filter that will update the filters of all related "master" reports at once vs separate prompting. Regards, Doug Doug Den Hoed - AtAppStore