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I noticed that the WF New UI no longer allows you to edit a Item/Task/Project from a report to include a Comment... this was the fastest way to make an update on 1 or more rows from the report view without having to leave the view or opening another tab..


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Has anyone else noticed that this is missing? We use it for both single and bulk updates from reports.

I opened a ticket with support and they confirmed that this will not be available anymore because it wasn't being used. This was the easiest way I found to quickly post a comment to anything from a report view. I'm really surprised that not many people were using it (at least by their count). They suggested that I submit this as an Idea (which I did, but I hate generating ideas for things that the tool suddenly is no longer capable of doing).

Below is the link and details to my "Idea". Let me know if anyone else used this or noticed it was gone from the new experience...for us it has created an inefficiency.

Idea: BRING BACK the ability to Edit a single Item/Task/Project from a report and add a Comment (SPO...

When I am working in a report in Classic WF, I am able to select a single item from the report (via the check box), select Edit , then jump to the bottom of the pop-up form and add a comment. Currently, I CAN NO LONGER do this in WF New Experience.

In the New Experience, if I am working in a report and I select a single Item to edit, the outcome is NOT the same as before. I DO NOT have the option to add a comment any more.

Please note that if I select more than 1 Item on the report (ie Bulk Edit), the pop-up box that displays is the Classic WF look / feel and the Comment box is available for use (at least for right now).

Workfront Support provided the following response when I inquired why I no longer have the ability to do something that I used to.

I was able to confirm that with the New Workfront Experience, the functionality of the Comment Section has been removed as overall there was very low usage and as the Comment section is to essentially post an update to the update stream, this can be done in other areas such as the Updates tab of the object. The reason you are able to still see the Comment section is due to the interface of bulk editing work objects still being the Classic interface which is still being worked on and may eventually go away within that process as well.­

Why in earth would this have been removed? Surely our organization can't be the only one that found this useful when working in a report. It was really handy in both single and bulk edit mode.

Needless to say, I'm not happy that I'm having to ask to have something like this back. :(


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It's not unusual for Workfront to take something away or add something based a "feeling" with no real data to back up the decision. I don't know if there is any data data to support this particular decision but it wouldn't be unheard of if there wasn't. Good luck with the "idea" lab.


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I wasn't aware of this use of the edit button, but now that it has been mentioned I agree this could be useful and something I could promote among my users who primarily interact with reports and dashbaords, so sending update "directly" from this view would be an asset. I did upvote