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How to filter Requests $$USER.ID approval


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I am trying to create a report that shows me the requests are are pending my approval - a work around having to go to My Work... I have tried "approver.Name=$$USER.ID" but it's not working... Help please. Delphine Campes-Edouard Director of Project Management and Marketing Campaigns Pluralsight
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Maybe there's another, more elegant way of doing this now. However, last year I created this with Workfront's help for task approvals. It might work for an Issue report: My Task Approvals Filter Purpose: Show me all tasks where I am the approver, my role is the approver, I'm the sponsor of the project and the approver, or I'm the manager of the approver of the task. awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:userID=$$"http://USER.ID">USER.ID awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:userID_Mod=in OR:1:awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:roleID=$$USER.roleID OR:1:awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:roleID_Mod=in OR:2:awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:teamID=$$USER.homeTeamID $$USER.teamIDs OR:2:awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:teamID_Mod=in OR:3:awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:wildCard=$$PROJECT_OWNER OR:3:awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:wildCard_Mod=in OR:3:projectOwnerID=$$"http://USER.ID">USER.ID OR:3:projectOwnerID_Mod=in OR:4:awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:wildCard=$$PROJECT_SPONSOR OR:4:awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:wildCard_Mod=in OR:4:projectSponsorID=$$"http://USER.ID">USER.ID OR:4:projectSponsorID_Mod=in OR:5:awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:wildCard=$$MANAGER OR:5:awaitingApprovalStepApproversMM:wildCard_Mod=in OR:5:assignedTo:managerID=$$"http://USER.ID">USER.ID OR:5:assignedTo:managerID_Mod=in Narayan Raum Delivery Lead/System Administrator Workfront Center of Excellence SunTrust Bank


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Thank you! That worked. Now for the next report: I would like to show what a user has approved (being an issue/task or project) - how do I do that? Delphine Campes Director of Project Management & Marketing Campaigns Pluralsight


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0690z000007ZiSGAA0.jpgThat"s done in a Notes report. Here are the filters: projectID=599c98030080a58f5de8fd240afb6fb3 projectID_Mod=in auditText=was approved auditText_Mod=cicontains OR:1:projectID=599c98030080a58f5de8fd240afb6fb3 OR:1:projectID_Mod=in OR:1:auditText=was rejected OR:1:auditText_Mod=cicontains See attached for the columns we use.


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I can't thank @NRYN R - inactive‚ enough for the above!!

This rectifies an issue I just discovered today in my Pending Approvals report where I was filtering on Pending Approvals based on the Current User Approvers Role ID = Collaborator and couldn't figure out why select tasks were not displaying knowing approvals were o/s. Some of our approvals were on Project Sponsor. So down the One.Workfront rabbit hole I went and found the above answer!!

Thanks to the above textmode I was able to configure my own report on filtering on approvals outstanding for Project Sponsors or Home Team based on Project Status & Task Name contains. I could have done it without the above.

The textmode I used in the end was:



name=Client Onboarding


project:statusEquatesWith=CUR PLN


OR:1:project:statusEquatesWith=CUR PLN


OR:1:name=Client Onboarding