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How do proofHQ comments get posted to the Workfront updates tab?


Level 10
Does anyone understand how the comments you make on a proof in ProofHQ get posted to the updates tab for the file in Workfront? I was experiencing some lag yesterday (between 2-3 minutes and 8 minutes)--in other words, I would get one timestamp on the proofHQ comment, and a late timestamp on the Workfront update of that comment. The helpdesk tech was trying to explain to me that my computer or network is somehow at fault because they cannot duplicate it on their system. From my perspective--and to be fair, I'm not a very technical person--it would have made more sense if the breakdown was in the processing between ProofHQ and Workfront. So the question to you guys is--once ProofHQ has my comment and timestamped it, what burden is placed on my laptop or my network to get that same comment to show up in Workfront? -skye -skye
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Level 4
Pretty sure the help desk is correct. I had a similar problem and it was because our intranet runs slow due to the firewalls. the time stamp is when it reaches the destination not the actual time. Bummer right? At least that was if for us. Samantha Williams GameStop Corp.