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Grouping - Text Mode/Shared Columns


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Hello! Via text mode, I am trying to "Share Columns" on a grouping. Does anyone know if it's possible or have had luck? I am grouping by Project Name & Status Update (Status Update being a Custom Field) and I would like the project name & status update to share a column. I'd then add additional fields but am having no luck thus far. Jordan Martinson LeaseTeam, Inc.

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Hi Jordan,

I'm not clear on what you mean by "share columns on a grouping"? A couple of questions:

1. Forgetting about groupings, are your shared columns working for the two fields you want to see joined together on the report?

2. What type of report is this? A task report?

3. What object is this custom field on? Task or Project?


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Hi Jordan!

You can do this using sharecol=true, but you may want to take a bit of time to read through our help article to make sure you don't miss a beat there.

Here's a link to it: https://support.workfront.com/hc/en-us/articles/217518647-View-Multi-Row-Project-View

My trick when combining to columns is to add a blank column between the 2 with the following text:





Note: you can use near anything for the value, but the biggest point is you want that to be there, so there's a way to separate the data in the columns you're combining.

Once you've saved that column, it'll automatically pull the column directly to the right into it.

Once you're back to your 2 columns, you'll click on the left column, go to text mode, and add sharecol=true to it. Once again, when you save it, it will pull the column to the right into it.

Here's what it looks like step by step:

Step 1: https://cl.ly/d843f2d820df

Step 2: https://cl.ly/c67e3ef8e040

Step 3: https://cl.ly/cf1e39735374

Step 4: https://cl.ly/20d843512ec1

Step 5: https://cl.ly/03de21c80962

If you'd like to provide a name on the column, look for the column.#.displayname= (if it doesn't exist, feel free to create it.)

Then you can call it whatever you'd like.. IE: column.0.displayname=Name & Status

Hope this helps.

Good luck!


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Hi @EXP_-_DustinMa 

Could you help to get the images for step 1 to 5. Its missing and not able to see them.

Thanks and best regards



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A great video on how to do this was just shared this week in the Reporting Discussions Forum Theresa Gibson Reed Technology and Information Services Inc.


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Thank you all. This is a Task Report and I've tried with both Task & Project level custom forms. When I say, Shared Columns, that could be inappropriate for this specific ask but I knew we'd get the point. More or less, "Row".. If you were to have a report that has 2 levels of groupings, I would like to just combine them into 1 "row" essentially vs the two blue rows that currently display. I will take a look at some of the info above. Sorry for the delays, I shall fix these going to my junk and thank you!



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Additionally & maybe more important.. in the attached screenshot, we have two groupings.

1 by project name (joel)

1 by task description (SL1)

On the grouping of description (SL1) is there a way with an IF statement, to have it display the value of either the assigned to name OR the field you see, "Project:SL1"?

Trying valueexpressions, etc.



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Hey Jordan,

There's not a way to combine groupings like you can columns, so that's out.

As for the IF statement, it's totally doable, though it's something you'd probably want to reach out to our consulting team for help on.



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Hi Jordan,

There is a way to combine the grouping rows which may work for you:

  • Create a calculated field which concatenates the project name and the project status update field (or whatever field you like).
  • Then, bulk edit the projects and choose to "Recalculate custom expressions" (near the end of the page). This will populate the field with the text from whichever fields you're concatenating.
  • Then, group your list of projects by the new field you created and you have one grouping row per unique project and status note combination.




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@David Cornwell -- This worked exactly as I needed it! Thank you Jordan Martinson LeaseTeam, Inc.


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Dustin, I could hug you! This allowed me to eliminate the task description column that was mostly a space waster, but we needed it for the 1% of the time there was something in it. :-) Sheri Whitten