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Do you have experience with a Wrike solution?


Level 4
HI everyone! I'm looking for a customer who has either replaced a Wrike solution or has used Wrike and who might be willing to share their thoughts on both solutions with someone else. If you don't have time for a phone call with this prospective customer, I'd love to have you just leave a few comments here about the advantages of using Workfront. Thanks! Sherry Arnold Workfront
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Level 10
Hi Sherry, I looked at Wrike a couple of years ago, when reviewing various products, prior to going ahead with Workfront. Wrike was nice in that it has a very fast UI compared to Workfront, however in general it really lacked the depth of functionality. In particular, there were two critical and very basic PM functions missing: No WBS auto-numbering system. If you wanted to use WBS numbers you had to key them in yourself! No numerical % completion for tasks. Their only suggested workaround was to create text statuses with the percent complete, however this is clearly not a suitable replacement as it can't be calculated or rolled-up. On their forums a lot of other customers were asking for the same features but Product Management said they didn't see it as a priority. Needless to say, it was a pretty core showstopper for us. Not sure if they have added these functions since then. Regards, David David Cornwell