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Do you have experience with a Translation Memory + Workfront?


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We are located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and one of the requests that our creative team handles are translation requests (Translating from English to French or vice versa). We currently have a separate software (FlowFit) which enables our internal clients to submit translation requests and we were looking at potentially streamlining this process through Workfront. The capabilities of submitting the request and gathering the required information/documentation is available through Workfront, however a piece of the current puzzle is missing. Along with FlowFit, we use a translation/linguistic memory (Logiterm) which keeps record of all of our completed translations and terminology. Currently, both FlowFit and Logiterm are connected and allow us to pre-translate new requests through FlowFit using the memory that exists in Logiterm. I was wondering if anyone has experienced a similar setup with Workfront. I'm assuming that it's possible considering the RESTful APIs, but instead of reinventing the wheel with our current software choices, I thought I'd reach out to the community and see if anyone has already been successful in establishing a similar setup with Workfront and perhaps another translation memory software.
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Hi Tiffany, Sounds interesting! I don't have experience with translations (though some with APIs and integration), and am curious about how you anticipate it might work. Using the Workfront API, you could have a middleware solution monitor for new translation Requests. The translation system could then do a translation and update the Workfront Request with the translated text. Is this roughly it? Would you be dealing with attachments, or just with text that is stored directly in the Request? This info might help others with their potential solutions. Cheers, David