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Display/Filter on Last Updated Date for Custom Field


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The goal is to create a Project report, only displaying projects that had their Weekly Update field updated within the last week / 7 days. 


Weekly Update is a paragraph textbox custom field - it's updates are being tracked within the Updates system feed/activity. Team members update this the weekly update custom field when there are major updates to the project. Then we want to use a report to view only projects where that field was recently updated.  


How am I able to capture and filter on the Last Updated date value for a custom field on a project report? Can I create a calculated field that can capture and display this date? 


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Hi there, have you played with a journal entry report for this yet? Could have filters like these to look for when the field was updated, the field you're isolating, etc. Then you can even have columns for 'old text value' and 'new text value' if you want to see the old vs. new text, as well as who made the edit, when, etc.



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Level 2

I explored this option, but a Journal Entry report doesn't meet requirements / runs into some issues: 

1. If a user updates the Weekly Update field twice in a week, then the Journal Entry report now displays two rows for the same project. 


2. This report needs to display other project level custom fields. I'm able to display those other project level fields on the Journal Entry report. However, if someone first edits the Weekly Update field + saves, then later updates a different project field (e.g. description) - then edits to other fields will not appear in the Journal Entry report as I'm only wanting to filter based on one specific field (Weekly Update). 


3. Some users want to use this report to also edit the project field values within the report. This isn't a hard requirement, but nice to have since they are able to edit their projects within other reports. 


Community Advisor

Hi there,


On #1, I'm not sure that's a bad thing? You want the visibility anytime this field is updated it sounds like.

#2, you can bring in other columns to show other fields or add filter sets in your report to capture changes to other fields too - your initial question was wanting to isolate this one field, not others.

#3, correct, you cannot edit a journal-entry report in-line. That isn't the intention of the report, it's showing actions that have happened.

If this helped you, please mark correct to help others : )

This helps, but ultimately #1 and #2 is too big of an issue to accept.


#1 - If someone enters their update, saves, then notices there is a typo and enters another update and saves - This leads to the report being cluttered with multiple updates for the same project. 


#2 - Same issue as #1. If I expand the filter to catch the other fields, then the report may easily become cluttered as some may update a field, save, then update the next field, save, etc. 


I've seen other threads where they made a calculated field that displays the date of the last update date for a specific custom field on that project. I'm having difficulty creating that field. 


Ultimately, goal is to have a Project report, filtering on the Last Update Date of a custom field on that project.