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Box Folder Sync with Workfront Proof (Versioning Trouble)


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Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice you can give on the below problem!

Images in a synced Box folder are not updating in Workfront Proof as additional versions are added. I've reviewed the below links but am unable to resolve my issue.

"https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__vimeo.com_74382689&d=DwMFaQ&c=MtgQEAMQGqekjTjiAhkudQ&r=btGgCoYeFk988pv0xtgWnTTb5wRB1q29FmT4fAzZNAM&m=uBbd0vPkvSiVPzkMSf9_HZUz7QE2Ncsu-Gq3pR7Kvbc&s=oObVZRcvOZKAu9GSS3Pk9vs2pTan9MyB4_74CI5k3pE&e=" https://vimeo.com/74382689 "https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__support.workfront.com_hc_en-2Dus_articles_115004235007-2DBox-2Dfolder-2Dsync-2Dwith-2DWorkfront-2DProof&d=DwMFaQ&c=MtgQEAMQGqekjTjiAhkudQ&r=btGgCoYeFk988pv0xtgWnTTb5wRB1q29FmT4fAzZNAM&m=uBbd0vPkvSiVPzkMSf9_HZUz7QE2Ncsu-Gq3pR7Kvbc&s=Z4DfPmJod9l_SNmtTK6Uj2qzizF8LyXdm3JzQkWHPwU&e=" https://support.workfront.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004235007-Box-folder-sync-with-Workfront-Proof

* I was able to successfully sync second versions just once, for one folder. I can't seem to repeat the steps to achieve version sync in additional, separate folders synced since this first folder.

Requirements for my Workflow:

* I co-own the synced Box folders with a collaborator from a third-party studio outside of our enterprise Box account. * The studio does not have a Workfront Proof license. * I need proofs created (with me as proof owner) to reflect additional versions added whether I upload to Box or the studio uploads (however, studio will usually be the uploader). * Number of v2 updates is too large (hundreds at a time) to manually "add new version" one-by-one in Box; we must be able to upload many v2 files (which will have the same name as v1) to a Box folder at once.


1. Studio automates uploading all images (original and versions) to Box via Script. I synced several of these existing folders and all images within per the above video instructions. 2. Folders successfully synced - v1 proofs created for all images 3. I uploaded multiple v2 images at once to the Box folders. I tested three methods: * Drag and drop from my computer to Box folder in browser window * Clicked "Upload" button within the folder > selected all files from my computer * Moving v2 copies from a different location within Box to the Box folder w/ v1 4. The Workfront Proof "Activity" tabs for the synced folders do not update to show that I've in fact made adjustments to the synced Box folders; no v2 proofs created

Stephen Schmidt The Home Depot Creative Services

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Hi Stephen, Can you please check the status of integration for the folders https://www.screencast.com/t/oBuZE2CDY5fl where sync process should happen (maybe syncing was paused)? We haven't noticed any issues with Box integration. I would suggest raising the ticket for our support team, so that we could look at your account and see what's happening. Thank you Katarzyna Jasiak Workfront