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WF Widget in Salesforce Lightning


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Description - WF widget installed in Salesforce Lightning  is having issues while doing selections in custom form 

Why is this feature important to you - Freeman has 1500 + users who use WF widget in Salesfroce. This issue is resulting in bad user experience since they have to scroll through the entire widget whenever they make any selection in custom form.

How would you like the feature to work - The selection in custom form within the WF widget should stick and remain in same place within UI.

Current Behaviour - Freeman utilizes WF widget which is installed in Salesforce Lightning. This widget is extensively used to submit resource request ( there are various custom forms for the same) User has an option to select various check boxes / radio button / enter text etc. On each such selection, Widget UI rolls upto to the  top of the screen and user needs to scroll down again to continue working where he left off. This results in break in flow of work and bad user experience. Also attaching short video for everyones reference.