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User defined Tags on Custom Forms (like on Boards)


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Description - It would be very useful to provide a "tags" function on custom forms so users could tag other objects (like projects, tasks, issues, or requests) for their own purposes. This ability is currently only available on boards.

Why is this feature important to you - This would provide a light weight way for users to organize, identify, and manage their work according to their process.

How would you like the feature to work - Enable this feature on workfront objects (e.g. tasks) so users have the ability to tag their work with custom tags. If enabled, tags should be a standard reporting object.

Current Behaviour - At present tagging is not available on standard Workfront objects. Workarounds such as a checkbox field requires knowledge of Workfront and is not really user accessible or a text field can be used with the instruction for users to #tag, #tag2, #tag3 their work but this is far from optimal.


Use Case: I'd love for users within project x to be able to tag tasks based on how the team operates. For example: team x wants to tag work based on the years venue. Venue and year is more granular than city which is a custom field but venue is not consistent enough to be worth building out as a custom field with choices predefined. 


The Add/Edit Tags feature currently available in Boards