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The filter criteria "Contains" changes to "Equals" if the match string matches a dropdown selection


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Description - When defining a filter condition on a dropdown field, using "Contains" to match multiple dropdown values is changed to "Equals" if the match string matches an existing value by text and case. This has the unintended consequence of changing the logical filter. Instead of matching all values for the string, it only selects the specific value. The application is automatically altering the intent of the user's filter, even if it's to "optimize" the search.


Why is this feature important to you - The user may have a specific use-case for searching by "Contains", but if the match string is an exact value in the dropdown list, it automatically changes the logical intention.


How would you like the feature to work - The filter criteria should honor the user's selection and not change the criteria, at least not without getting consent. If a user wants "Contains", it should keep it as "Contains".


Current Behaviour - If the match string exactly equals an existing selection value, the criteria is automatically switched to "Equals", changing the logical intention.




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I encountered the same when trying to set up conditional formatting rule in a report using "contains". My choice would be udpated to "equal". I would argue this is a bug and not idea that should be raised. @Simon_ULe  have you checked with WF support?