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Show only available milestones when assigning Milestones to tasks


Level 2


Please update the logic when assigning milestones to tasks. Since milestone names cannot be reused, we've created milestones like, "Launch_1", "Launch_2", "Launch_3", etc. for project that have multiple launches. We have some milestones that go up to "..._20". Since the task list is very long, when PMs get up to the higher # of milestones, they lose track of what # they left off on. When they go to attach a milestone, it continues to show milestones #1-20 as opposed to only showing the available milestones that haven't been already used. The problem the PMs are finding is if they accidentally chose a milestone that was already used, it removes it from the task that it was already assigned to in order to put it with the task they just updated. Wouldn't it make sense to only show the milestones that haven't been used when updating a task? This logic is already used for example when assigning resources, and other items.

refer to case 00251955 for screen capture video