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"Make this private to my company" option on Updates as a default


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We would like to be able to set that as a default for all updates.



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We use lots of external agencies who need to see the majority of our updates/comments/amends on docs. Having it set to private as default would cause us quite a lot of issues, as we'd have to make sure all relevant comments were set to public each time (and I get enough queries about items not being shared properly already...). Perhaps it could be something in the system/account set up instead, so you could set it to private at the top level and it would then be set for all other users in your network?


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It would be nice if each instance of Workfront had the ability to set this feature as a project preference instead of just making it universal across all instances.


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MSS has a lot of production teams and basically, communication is split on internal and external based on it. It'd be great if we could have an option in settings to define if communication is private to my company by default or ideally also based on Job Roles or Home groups.