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Pin Updates to the top of the list


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Our former Project Management software allowed workers to be able to create an update, and then pin to the top to indicate this was important.

From the competitor:

Do you have a super important message that you need to position front and center of a project? Introducing "Pin to Top." Now you will have the option to pin a message to the top of a project feed! Here's how to get started:

Hover over a message and a Gear will appear in the upper right-hand side.

Select the Gear and Click "Pin this post to the top."

Voilà! Your most important message will appear at the top of the project feed.



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This has recently come up in our organization as well, since our team members don't have access to edit the project details. This would be super helpful to pin important information to the top of the list.


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This would be a great feature to implement. Often users spend too much time sifting through all updates looking for a link or specific info.