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Option to turn Smart Assignments off


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From what I understand, Smart Assignments in Workload Balancer are based on someone’s primary job role/home team and how recently I’ve assigned a specific user to a task. At my organization, that’s not particularly helpful, since we assign work based on a combination of the project specs and bandwidth. Just because I’ve assigned a designer to a task in the past month, doesn’t mean I’ll need to assign that same person to the project I’m kicking off next week. Likewise, I might need to assign someone to a task who I haven’t assigned work to recently, but they wouldn’t appear in the suggestions. 

While I can still search for the person I need to assign, this means that Workload Balancer provides no specific benefit to my team and is actually less functional than Scheduling, which shows a simple list of everyone with a specific job role.


I’d like organizations to have the option to turn off Smart Assignments, if it doesn’t work for them.

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