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Make Tasks entry/edits on projects easy peezy


Level 7


Description - Make task entry experience smooth (if possible as easy to use as MS Project)


Why is this feature important to you - Our Project Managers hate Workfront because:

1) It is not easy to navigate 'Tasks' page. Example: MS Project allows up, down, left, right navigation making it easy and faster to enter tasks. It also allows easy edit (unlike Workfront taking time to save and recalculate)

2) 'Free View' is functionality is desirable - This should allow hiding and adding columns without editing the view. 1 Free View for everyone, on all objects.

3) Reduce lag while saving a task after edit.


How would you like the feature to work - Better user experience resulting in adoption. Else, they flock on MS Project, Wrike, Monday.com making our life difficult in creating KPIs for leadership due to incomplete data, as like hate Workfront and are using MS Project.


Current Behaviour - Gives a feel of 90's tool. Slow, difficult to navigate and hard to understand.


Not trying to be rude. It is what it is.