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Maintain User Access on Created Issue


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Currently when a user has manage access to a project, they inherit manage access to any issues in that project - note: they inherit access, they do not get their own manage access block in the Sharing on that issue, even if they entered that issue and/or they are the primary contact on that issue.

But if that issue is then moved to another project, their inherited access level changes to whatever access they have on the new project. They do not maintain their manage access to an issue that they created.

We have a team who creates issues in a set of project their team owns. They gather information on those issues and when they are ready for our production team to work on those issues, they move the issue over to campaign projects that our production team owns.

Once those issues are moved to the correct campaign, they then need to change the status so an approval process begins. But since they've lost the access level they had from the original project, they can't change the status.

To get around this, we've added a task to our campaign templates, to give the appropriate group access. We don't want to give them project access from the campaign because those campaigns are used for other groups whose projects they should not have access to.

Ideally if a user creates an issue, they would maintain at least Contribute access to that issue no matter where it moved to.