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Kanban Board Suggested Improvement


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I have reviewed the new Kanban capability in the 2017.3 Preview release. Kudos for adding Kanban however there is an important ( to us ) missing piece. In the current release every Kanban board is forced to use the same global status ( i.e. New, In Progress and Complete ). Please consider adding Workfront group status's to a Kanban board so that we can assign Kanban column names that make sense for a particular Kanban board.

Thank you,

Paul Maine



Level 3



voting for this. I've spoken with customer support and was told that this functionality wasn't available. It's great that there's now a Kanban board as we've been waiting a while for this. Don't understand why you can't change the names of Status Columns or add columns. It's actually got '+ column' at the end? This functionality is shown in the demo video too.



Level 2


You can do it, but you have to make the status available for everyone across the entire instance as a default and locked status. It's not a clean way of doing it as Kanban and Agile teams work through task status differently. Upvote the agile one as well as it is the same issue.


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We are looking at WF Kanban (again)...

The fact that statuses have to be locked to be able to use them in Kanban is not ideal because we would be subjecting all other groups to seeing our status values embedded with theirs. We may need to look outside of WF to get the flexibility/convenience that my boss is looking for in terms of Kanban.