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Job Roles: Enter Bill/Cost per Hour in Local/Desired Currency


Level 7


Users with access to the Job Role table need to enter bill/cost per hour in the HQs base-currency (in our case it's GBP).

When adding non-GBP rates (i.e. EUR) we need to convert the EUR rates offline into GBP (aligned to the Workfront currency table) and then add the rates in as GBP.

A more user-friendly and accurate set up would be to enable job role bill/cost per hour entry in the local currency (i.e. EUR or GBP or CNY etc) and utilise the Workfront currency table to convert that value into GBP for reporting purposes. This will ensure the HQ reviews an accurate list of job role bill/cost rates globally vs. the current set up which relies on fixed currency values (exchange rates) and rates entered against the HQ base-currency.


  • The user would need to select their local currency when updating the rate table.
  • The local currency entry would need to be a fixed value (i.e. ‚Ǩ 120 would not change even if the converter is updated in the exchange rate table).
  • The job roles database table would need to store values against the entered currency.