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Hide 'All Requests' from Requester accounts



We are an in house creative agency and we have a variety of print vendors. We give vendors requester accounts to facilitate proof delivery. They can deliver proofs into our system and we simply move them to the corresponding existing job in Workfront.

What is unfortunate is not being able to hide "All Requests" from requesters. I don't understand the intention of this tab but the result for me, as an administrator, is that it's confusing and people have access to view requests that they should not see.

In the Classic environment I'm able to move it to a tab, which is at least something. In the New Experience I'm not able to hide it.

Why would I ever want requesters to have access to all requests?



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Our marketing team is set up similarly and find this very confusing for our business partners to see requests that do not relate to them. In Classic you could hid this feature under More which was very helpful and kept the request area relevant to our BPs. Would love to see a change here and having the capability to hide the All Requests.



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I agree, this is a problem for us, we have queues where queue owners don't want everyone to see all requests in the queue but that's the way it currently functions. It doesn't make any sense the way it is now. It confuses users who see requests that are not theirs and gives users who shouldn't have rights to review information the ability to do so.


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I was just going to the Lab to submit an idea for this too and thankfully found it was already submitted. But I'd like to take it a step further and request that ALL users, regardless of license type, can't see each others requests. I don't want even my Plan users to be able to see each others requests since some of our requests are sensitive. Anyone who has access to the project that a request queue's requests go can see everyone's requests from those that have the same access to submit a request. Just because I need everyone to be able to SUBMIT a request doesn't mean I want them to see everyone's requests that has been submitted into that queue! WF, please change this!



To follow up on this post - through the use of groups and layout templates we can effectively hide any requests that the external users shouldn't see





This has come up in the past and although not ideal - the workaround that many use solves for the issue.


A request comes in to the queue, and the routing rules move it to a 'Landing Project' that only queue managers can see.


For example:

  • Requester A submits a request on the 'Request Marketing Support' queue.
  • Submitted request is assigned to the landing project called 'Marketing Requests'
  • Requester A can only see their request, not all of the other requests.